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New Book by Vaisesika Dasa Answers Four Timeless Questions, Offers Inspiration
By Yasoda-dulal Das   |  Jun 04, 2024

“The Four Questions: A Pathway to Inner Peace” by Vaisesika Dasa is a remarkable, compact book that not only summarizes the wisdom of ancient Vedic texts into four multi-layered questions but also provides practical answers that are highly relevant to the complex dilemmas and frustrations we all face in today’s world.

The four questions that the book answers are:

1) What is my purpose?

2) How may I be of service?

3) What is the lesson?

4) Where am I investing my attention right now?

In the book, Vaisesika provides wise, nuanced, and multi-layered answers to these four questions. Interspersed with these answers are sub-questions and answers to those sub-questions, as if anticipating readers’ challenges and doubts.

Readers of ISKCON News likely already know him as a brilliant scholar of Vedic texts. His wisdom is practical, relevant, and highly applicable to devotional practice in today’s world. What lends added impact to the teachings in this book is that Vaisesika practices these teachings fully himself, in partnership with his saintly wife of several decades, Nirakula Devi Dasi.

Taken together, the answers provided in this book add to the growing body of literature on emotional intelligence, resilience, and happiness and are consistent with numerous studies done on these topics.

While this book is written in relatable language for those who are new to Bhakti, it will simultaneously appeal to long-standing Bhakti practitioners and help them deepen their practice. It’s an easy read and can be referred to from time to time to turbo-charge one’s Bhakti practices. It would also make a great gift for co-workers and anyone interested in spiritual answers.

In fact, a few days ago, I had a revealing experience while hosting the CEO and COO of a large company in my office. I had this book on the conference table, along with a local business paper, an industry publication, and a Harvard Business Review book on Emotional Intelligence. All of them faced my two visitors. At the end of the hour-long meeting, the visiting CEO picked up The Four Questions book and talked as he started flipping through it. He was drawn in by its design, intrigued by the reviews inside, and interested by the contents. The COO also flipped through it and noted down its name and the author’s name.

The CEO texted me the next morning that he had downloaded a copy the previous night to read on a long flight he was going to take that day!

Click here to learn more about the book and where you can order online. For bulk purchases, please email  You can also follow Vaisesika Dasa on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube

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Vaisesika Dasa signing books at the recent 2024 Sadhu Sanga in Dallas.