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New Book On Cow Protection Launched

By: on Oct. 3, 2009
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Cows were actually treated like a family member and looked upon with great respect in the Hindu society. Donating a cow to a poor individual was considered to be a very good deed.

September 27th, Secunderabad, India – At an event covered by state and national media, Andhra Pradesh Minister of Education Sri D. Sridhar Babu launched a book by ISKCON devotee Dr. Sanjay Shah (Sahadeva Dasa) entitled To Kill Cows Means To End Human Civilization.

Speaking to an audience that included four vice-chancellors of Andhra Pradesh universities, the Minister congratulated Dr. Shah for his work in promoting ancient India’s cow protection values. He also discussed the need for more information and awareness in the area.

Dr. Shah’s book laments the fact that people today are treating other life forms as if they are inert objects, devoid of any feelings whatsoever. We are showing unprecedented cruelty and callousness towards those creations of God with whom we share this planet, Shah states. Cruelty has been industrialized, and barbarism institutionalized.

The mistreatment of animals today is the worst in human history, he says, claiming that the unspeakable treatment meted out to animals will never go unpunished by the stringent laws of nature.

“Cows are the very representative of God’s voiceless creations, a symbol of selfless service to man in life and in death,” Shah explains. “Our attitude towards this important animal will decide our fate. Strange or even eccentric though it may sound, cows will prove to be the making or breaking point for humanity.”

Shah believes we are already standing at the ultimate crossroads. Dangerous challenges from environmental, moral, economic and health fronts are staring us in the face. Global uncertainties are mounting, and humanity’s future prospects look increasingly bleak.

“Before it’s too late,” says Shah, “Mankind has to get back to the cow—back to its mother.”

To Kill Cows Means To End Human Civilization is available for reading and download at: The author can be reached at

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