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New Deity Gallery At
By Jivana Krishna Dasi   |  Aug 20, 2010

In celebration of Janmashtami 2010, will be re-launching the Deity Photo Gallery in its Photos section. The temple deity photos should be sent to by August 20th.

Here are the picture requirements to be sure the deities are displayed as beautifully as They deserve.

* Images must be at least 72dpi and 15″x11.25″ (1080×810 pixels). Equivalent is 200dpi at 5″x4″. Most standard digital cameras take this size image when the image quality is set to medium/high. Formats acceptable: .jpg, .tif, .png, .gif, .psd.

* Landscape (wide) images work best for multiple deities. Although the usual picture of the entire altar is great, feel free to send more personal photos of the deities closer; faces, hands and feet are nice alternatives. Please don’t include people in these photos.

* Color photos are best, but black and white will be considered. Please don’t alter the images before you send them.

* You can send more than one picture. We will select the best from three or four that you may send. And if you have several sets of deities, please send photos for these as well.

* Name your photos by your temple or center so that we don’t get anyone mixed up. If you are sending more than one photo, number the image. e.g. ‘NewRamanReti01.jpg’ * Include in your email the full and proper name of your temple or center, the location, the deities in the pictures, and any

interesting information specific to the photo. If your temple or center has a website, please include this as well.

* Photo deadline for the Janmashtami deadline is August 20th. Any photos sent after that may be included but not necessarily in time for Janmashtami.

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