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New Free Online Course on Book Distribution
By Navina Nirada das   |  Oct 01, 2020

For the first time the “Graduate Course on Book Distribution” is available now as a free online course. Two hours of videos, a comprehensive student handbook and lots of resource materials bring this course to life on your home screen. In the current times online courses and online book distribution are especially relevant and this offer makes both easily accessible. 

The original course was produced by the VTE (Vaishnava Training & Education) in 1996. It became mandatory for all full time distributors and highly recommended for all congregational members in 1997. Over a hundred teachers are certified to teach it. Since then several thousand devotees have successfully taken it.  

This online course teaches about the art of distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books. It’s designed for all wishing to deepen their appreciation, skills and knowledge of sankirtan.  

This course focuses on: 

  • Principles and values behind book distribution
  • Importance of inspirational sadhana and daily study
  • Techniques and book distribution mantras
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Different methods of distribution including online distribution, book tables, set distribution, street and door to door sankirtan
  • Implementation of customer care 
  • Overcoming challenges 
  • Sources of strength and inspiration 
  • Vision, strategy, empowerment and other leadership topics
  • How to organize a sustainable sankirtan program  
  • Follow up systems and making devotees
  • A healthy and blissful lifetime of sankirtan 

Some feedback from students:  

“I am personally inspired to go out and spread the fire of book distribution as a result of this seminar. It’s a hit. Thank you!”   

“This course should be given to all ISKCON devotees!”  

Book Distribution Course intro video: 

Book Distribution Course link:

YouTube channel:

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