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New Hare Krishna YouTube Channel Gets Tens of Thousands of Views
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Sep 23, 2016

The 3t Path, a new YouTube channel (, started by Giridhari Das, a Brazilian devotee who in the past has been in charge of the Portuguese BBT and been the President of the ISKCON Brazil National Council, has gotten over 30 thousand views since starting just three weeks ago, with 12 thousand views just on his japa meditation video.

This is part of a broader initiative, which he calls The 3T Path, which includes a website (, YouTube Channel, Instagram account (@3Tpath) with inspirational and life lesson quotes, and Facebook page (

The channel is part of a new effort by Giridhari Das to take his preaching to the English speaking world. Giridhari has a steady following in Brazil, with nearly seven thousand subscribers in his Portuguese YouTube channel ( and over 5000 followers on Facebook.

The focus of his work is to present Krishna Consciousness with practical guidance for a better, happier life. For this he helps people understand the importance of following their dharma as a means to better serve and connect to Krishna, the importance of keeping the mind focused on the here and now, and the need to actively cultivate inner peace with positivity, gratitude and good deeds. He also transmits the importance of living a sattvic life to maximize our potential for growth and spirituality.

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