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New Helicopter Service to Mayapur
By Contributor   |  May 30, 2014

Exciting news lands in Mayapur. A service whereby helicopters transport pilgrims and devotees and guests from Kolkata to Mayapur, ISKCON’s headquarters, is moving forward. May 30th marked the first time the journey was made and several people greeted the arrival with enthusiasm.

The next step is negotiating the fee which will be charged to interested parties using this quick transportation.


A group of devotees meeting the helicopter and crew, with the ToVP construction site behind

The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium’s (ToVP) Managing Director, Sadbhuja Das, was among those invited to welcome the pilots.

Several options for facilitating access to Mayapur are being explored, especially since the new temple is expected to attract millions!


Sadbhuja Das ToVP Managing director is happy about the new progress

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