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New Hip-Hop Album to Promote Vedic Wisdom

By: for ISKCON News on April 9, 2014
Photo Credits: rasikananda das

The album's cover

Young poet and hip-hop musician Mikey Jay describes himself as “a wandering soul learning the lessons of life” as he “traverses its diverse path.” For Rama Navami, April 8th,  2014, he came out with a new music album the “Sri Isopanisad”, consisting of 19 songs; an Invocation and 18 songs based on the 18 Mantras of the ancient scripture the Sri Isopanisad. 

Mikey grew up in Cardiff, UK, and received a psychology degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He also lived as a Vaishnava monk in India for two years. 

He has been practicing bhakti-yoga and mantra meditation throughout his life. For years, he has experimenting how to share the ancient wisdom of India, which he has been cherishing and learning a lot from, with other young people of his young generation. 

His new album is dedicated to ISKCON-founder Srila Prabhupada, whose commentaries on Sri Isopaniṣad were the inspiration for every song. 

Sri Isopanisad: Mantra One - Most High

All songs written and produced by Mike Jones (Mikey Jay). He worked with an international artist team of Radha Mohan (Sound Engineer/Final Production on all songs; Flute on Invocation and Mantra 16), Malini Dasi (Vocals on Mantra 4), Dr T (Lyrics and vocals on Mantra 7), Gaura Klein (Lyrics and vocals on Mantra 9), Emma Rose: (Vocals on Mantras 8, 15, and 18), Marcos Munoz (Flute on Mantra 16), Rasikananda (CD Design), Tom Morris (Vishnu Artwork), and Dub FX (Various samples). 

The album is available for download at:

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