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New ISKCON Center At A South Indian Holy Place

By: for ISKCON News on Jan. 14, 2011
On 22nd December 2010, devotees inaugurated an ISKCON preaching center at Yadagiri Gutta, a holy place 60 kms East of Hyderabad in South India. This place is known for its hilltop temple of Lord Nrsimhadeva.

Famous as second Tirupati of Andhra Pradesh, it is the holiest place in Telangana region and assumes all the more importance due to an ongoing tension from people fighting for a separate Telangana state.

This area has 200 practicing devotees and over a hundred of them are chanting 16 rounds. In November 2010, 18 devotees from the area received their first initiation and many more are in the queue.

The deovtees would like to build here an exact replica of seven-storey Govindji temple of Vrindavan, which was demolished by the muslim tyrant Aurangzeb. Of course, stone contruction is not possible these days but the same model can be built using RCC. To this effect, some devotee architects are researching archives to unearth the original designs. The 19th century British officer, F.S. Growse, in his Mathura Memoire, gives glimpses into the unique architecture of this great temple which combined many world styles of the time.

The Center’s management is being looked after by Hari Krishna Das, a software engineer who has resigned from his job a few months ago, and is now engaged full time in ISKCON service. His uncle, Mr Jayaram Goud, happens to be the richest man in the area and also a practicing devotee now. He has pledged to donate a three-acre prime, road facing land for the purpose of preaching of Krishna consciousness in the area.

In 2011, there will be 15 more villages joining the center`s activities in the area.

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