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New Temporary ISKCON Temple Opens in Moscow
By Olessia Podtserob   |  Mar 21, 2014

The Moscow Indian Cultural Center and  Sri Sri Dayal-Nitai Sacisuta Temple has celebrated its opening and the Gaura Purnima festival on Sunday, March 16, 2014. 2,000 devotees from Moscow gathered for this joyful event. Gopal Krishna Goswami has cut a red ribbon. Bhakti Anugraha Janardana Swami also took part in the ceremony. 

The Deities received their new embroidered dresses. The concert program included performance by Sankirtana Leela group who presented their new album, a lecture by Gopal Krishna Goswami and a play. In his lecture Gopal Krishna Goswami said that Moscow is  Dhama because Srila Prabhupada has visited this city in 1971. By saying this he emphasized the importance of Moscow and other Russian yatras in the development of Sri Caitanya’s sankirtan mission.

Before the concert, a yajna and abhishek took place. In the morning, there was Gaura-katha from leading preachers of the Moscow Vaisnav community.

The new rented place is spacious and beautifully renovated. But still not spacious enough to accomodate the crowd of five to ten thousand people that are expected to visit the Centre on Janmashtami. That is why, says temple president Sadhu-priya das, devotees are seeing this as a temporary place and are making continuous efforts to acquire a place of their own. But though the place is temporary, it will fulfill the spiritual needs of the Moscow devotee community.

The buildings at Dinamo where Vaisnavas worshipped Krishna for ten years have been recently demolished after the devotees had moved all their belongings to their new temple.

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