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New Vrindavan Community Leadership Service Opportunity

By: for ISKCON News on Dec. 2, 2010

ISKCON New Vrindavan has begun a search for candidates interested in applying for leadership positions in the United States. New Vrindavan, ISKCON’s old community and largest pilgrimage site in North America, is entering a new phase in operations and has opportunities for career services.

Due to the sheer size, diverse projects and responsibilities required, NV has executive level leadership positions available. The positions require solid sadhana and administration skills. In addition to being a highly recognized Krishna temple and cow sanctuary, the community resembles a village. Strong spiritual leaders are required as well as chief administrators who can handle the governmental/corporate flavor of community management.

Temple president and CEO services

While the community progresses in this transitional period, the board of directors have created an initial outline of service, responsibilities and structure. Executive level leaders will have input in refining and revising strategies, systems, structure and personnel.

Temple President position:
1. Must be following the basic rules of initiation as given by Srila Prabhupada, namely chanting a minimum of 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra japa daily, and avoiding the four pillars of sinful activity—eating meat, fish, or eggs; indulging in illicit sexual connections; gambling; and intoxication;
2. Must be actively participating in the activities of the Corporation;
3. Must be conversant with the philosophy of Krishna consciousness;
4. Must annually sign the ISKCON Oath of Allegiance prescribed by the GBC;
5. Must uphold the ecclesiastical rules, policies, resolutions and guidelines for ISKCONas determined by the GBC; and
6. Must work at all times in the best interest of the Corporation.
Attendance at the morning program with visible sadhana is a requirement as well as the duty to create and maintain an inspiring temple program to residents and guests.

RVC Temple programs, Deity worship (pujaris and standards), Kitchen services (deity, devotee, guest), Guest/Visitor greeting and care, festivals, Ashram residents and standards, Devotee Care, Community Development and outreach to residents and pioneer devotees.
Campus programs- Guest Lodge/cabins, Restaurant, Congregational Development and temple fund raising, Gardens and Apartment complex w resident guidelines.

CEO position:
Initial assignment- create/propose management systems and structure with committees, departments and directors for the appropriate projects and activities under their oversight.

Projects and responsibilities:
Economic development (overall plan and implementation), Tourism, Palace- operations, renovation plans and funding, water and sewage systems, health department/govt compliance, infrastructure maintenance and improvement, gas money investment and allocation, financial planning and accountability, insurance and liability issues, legal matters and protection policies, community master planning , utilities and communications, construction and renovations, advertising.

New Vrindavan- Large temple room with beautiful deities, NA pilgrimage site for Hindus, 15-20,000 guests annually, Srila Prabhupada Memorial Palace, tourist destination, 20K database, established donor program, lodge and cabin facility, festival and meeting facilities, ashram facilities, apartment complex, organic gardens, 200 acre campus, financial stability.

Temple/Executive Vice President positions:
The final leadership team will depend on the personnel. Our model will remain flexible during the interview process. Vice president positions are available and will require the skills and responsibilities that compare to those of any city temple president. At this point we anticipate two vice president positions will be required. Experience in the areas described above for TP and CEO service is preferred.

TP, CEO and VP candidates:
Vetting process: submit resume, endorsements and personal requirements. Interviews would follow for viable candidates. We hope to make a decision by Jan 2011. Please expect a review period.

Service package:
Accommodations: apartments or ashram lodging, utilities included
Office and facilities, online access, phone, staff
Vehicle, Prasadam
Travel expenses
Elementary and preschool- Gopal’s Garden School
Basic medical services by local hospitals as member of ISKCON non-profit
Maintenance salary

Please send resume and all correspondence to:

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