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News Brief: Remembering Kashmir on “Holocaust Day”
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jan 19, 2022

January 19 is not just another date on the calendar. It is observed globally as the ‘Holocaust Remembrance Day‘ by the Kashmiri Pandits.

Jammu, Jan 19 (PTI) Displaced Kashmiri Pandits on Wednesday observed January 19 as the ‘Holocaust Day’ to mark the exodus of their community members from the Valley in 1990.


Contemporary History:

The state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) was primarily Hindu until the 14th century. The state itself is named for an ancient Hindu sage Kashyap. The tutelary deity of classical Kashmir was Sharada, a manifestation of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom, whose prayers refer to her as “Kashmira-pura-vasini” (she who resides in Kashmir). Over the last 500 years, its indigenous residents have been the subject to repeated persecution leading to the “Seven Exoduses of Kashmiri Hindus”. Kashmir is also well known as the birthplace of Shaivism.


A History of Remembrance:

Back on February 17th 2019,  more than 70 devotees of ISKCON Ahmedabad performed special harinam sankirtan on the streets of Ahmedabad in the morning for those who lost their lives in the attacks.

In the evening of 2/17/19, devotees of ISKCON led kirtan, and lamps were offered before the deities of Sri Sri Radha Govindaji. Thousands of visitors joined the devotees in expressing their sorrow.

All the devotees and visitors prayed for peace for the souls of the soldiers and prayed to the Lord to give strength to thier families. By Haresh Govinda Das

ISKCON Ahmedabad holds kirtan and offered lamps for the martyred soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir Terrorist attack.    Source: Dandavats



ISKCON in Kashmir

ISKCON has temples and centers throughout Kashmir; ISKCON, Srinagar, Sri Sri Gaur Radha Krishna Mandir, Jammu, and Srila Prabhupada Ashram (ISKCON), Udhampur.

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