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News Brief: Ukraine Winter Appeal
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jan 21, 2023

A clip from the video explains how their children need electricity to do online school.


The ISKCON Ukraine devotees would like to thank ISKCON North America for organizing and collecting over $100,000 to help them, who are now in the middle of winter, have power and heat. The NAC Support Office led the fundraising effort, specifically Kuladri das. The NAC would like to thank all the temples and individuals who gave to this effort.

Video was made as a thank you from Ukraine devotees
Here is a timeline of donations collected to date:

November 7, 2022: Niranjana Swami, gives a live interview to the NA Support Office
November 8, 2022: NA Support Office launched Ukraine Winter Appeal to NA leader group
November 12, 2022: 11K donation received
November 16, 2022: 35K
November 26, 2022: 55K goal
December 7, 2022: 70K

The NAC is ISKCON’s North America Council or national leadership body. It aims to resolve any conflicts within North America that are beyond the scope of a single North American zone or temple. NAC website is: but is currently being revamped, so check back later for its new look.

Clip from the video explaining how they now are using solar power and other sources to keep their power and heat from the donations collected.


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