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News Brief: UK PM Congratulates ISKCON Food Relief

By: on March 20, 2021



- UK PM Congratulates ISKCON Cardiff Food Relief -

Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, congratulated the ISKCON members of Cardiff engaged in distributing free meals during the pandemic, this week via a Zoom meeting. The Hare Krishna Food For Life (FFL) program in Cardiff, Wales has served over 100,000 meals in this period, headed up by Tarakanatha Dasa. In a jovial manner, PM Johnson, during the Zoom meeting, confessed his familiarity with the cause telling the story of when he was 17 years old he took his girlfriend at the time (now wife) to get “free curry” at the ISKCON-London temple, as he was “so poor” it was the only place he could treat her for lunch at that time. 

Video of the meeting between the Cardiff FFL team and PM Johnson:  

The FFL Wales team continues to raise funds to distribute food to those in need by the thousands. For more information about ISKCON Wales or their FFL program visit: 

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