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Odyssey Networks Broadcasts Inspirational Videos Produced by ISKCON

By: for ISKCON News on Jan. 31, 2013
Yadunath Das performs as "Japa Man". In the newly produced short video he elaborates on the importance on humor in spiritual life.
Smartphone applications are currently one of the hottest and most dynamically developing ways of distributing content. Nowadays, an increasing number of people watch videos on their iPhones, smartphones, Androids, blackberries or tablets at home, during a break from work or school, or while commuting on the bus or train.

Not wanting to miss out the opportunity to reach out in this new, and groundbreaking way, ISKCON Communications Global have joint hands with the New York City based Odyssey Networks and produced a series of short bhakti-themed videos to be distributed on the company's mobile platform.

The first three Krishna-conscious videos have been released recently through Odyssey Network's Call on Faith application.

The application only costs 99 cents and brings regularly updated inspirational, religious and spiritual videos to people's smartphone. The application is available to download from here:

The ISKCON-produced videos are the following:

"My Story" Section:
Does God Like Humor? - by Joe DeGise II (Yadunath Das), Improvisational Comedian
Joe DeGise is a stand up comedian and director at New York City's longest running improvisation theater, Chicago City Limits, on 53rd and Broadway. He also manages a Lower East Side Vaishnava Hindu monastery and entertains the community connected to it. He talks about how he found God and inner peace through the transforming power of humor.

"Compassionate Acts" Section:
The Sacred Virtue of Eating without Violence - by Radhanath Swami
Radhanath Swami talks about the importance of non-violence in the Hindu tradition; and overall advantages of vegetarianism.

"ON Living" Section:
How to Achieve Peace of Mind? - by Rukmini Walker
There is no one who does not eventually crave peace of mind. Rukmini Walker finds passages and prayers in the Bhagavad-Gita that offer age-old wisdom about achieving this -- as relevant now as when written.
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