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Our Journey Needs to Begin Where We Are, Not Where We Ought to Be

By: for on Jan. 5, 2018

Bhagavad-gita 18.35

Suppose while driving to a destination, we take some wrong turns and end up far away from our goal. We may feel irritated, and understandably so. But if we keep beating ourselves up for losing our way, that won’t get us anywhere. We need to resume our journey by accepting where we are and taking the best way ahead from there.

During our life-journey, we sometimes take wrong turns. We make mistakes, indulge in immoral pleasures or get caught in harmful habits. These take us away from our life’s purposes and principles. On undergoing the consequences of our actions, we may start resenting ourselves. But resentment leads to no improvement; if we keep resenting, we waste our time, our energy, even our life. The Bhagavad-gita (18.35) indicates that such negativity characterizes the mode of ignorance.

Accepting our present situation, instead of resenting it, characterizes the mode of goodness. Therein, we see the reality of our material situation, and also see that reality is bigger than our material situation. Guided by Gita wisdom, we see that we are spiritual beings, eternally related with the supreme spiritual being, Krishna.

We can situate ourselves in our spiritual identity by practicing bhakti-yoga. By thus drawing strength from our devotional relationship with Krishna, we can resist our conditionings and rectify our mistakes. With such spiritual determination, we can take steps, even if they be small, from where we are to where we aspire to go.

While reorienting ourselves and resuming our journey, our connection with Krishna gives us energy and enthusiasm to keep moving forward. As we connect with him and relish the sweetness of that connection, the journey itself starts becoming joyful, what then to speak of the destination: uninterrupted loving absorption in him, which is eternally and supremely joyful.

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