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Pave the way for the Lord of the Universe
By Radha Sakhi Dasi   |  Dec 23, 2017

Touchstone Media has churned the ocean of nectar and come up with a marvellous masterpiece, ‘Sri Ksetra: Vaikuntha on Earth.’ Lord Jagannath is dear to every devotee. His Dham, Sri Ksetra is as glorious as Him. Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta mentions that the burden of sins of all the people gets eradicated just with the magnetic presence of Sri Ksetra. This enchanting Dham is known as Sri Ksetra also because Srimati Radharani Herself carved out the Dham. She resides over Sri Dham as Sri Laksmi Devi or Sri Mahalaksmi Devi. Hence Sri Ksetra is very dear to Lord Krishna. Each and every sweet and mellowful pastime which is performed by the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna in Gokul, Vrindavan, Navadvip, Dvaraka, Mathura, etc., is performed by the playful Lord Jagannath in Sri Nilachal Ksetra Dham. 

The revealed scriptures mention four original Dhams or pilgrimage places- Badrinath, Dvarka, Puri and Ramesvaram. Among these four Dhams, the most important is Sri Jagannath Puri, because the Lord performs the most important activity of the day here, that is, He eats here. So Lord Krishna comes to Sri Ksetra every day to eat. Everyday Mahalaksmi Devi cooks for Lord Jagannath and He relishes the offerings all day long. 

Further in Sri Caitanya-Bhagavata (Antya Khanda), Lord Krishna Himself reveals the confidential secret to Lord Siva: “At every moment I constantly and eternally reside in Sri Jagannath Puri Dham. And not only that, I personally eat and accept the offerings daily in this abode of Mine…. Since this Holy Abode is the dearest among My most dear Abodes, I have personally given Puri the Name of Sri Jagannath Puri Dham which contains My own Holy Name of Jagannatha (and Puri means home so it means My own home). Those who simply reside in Sri Puri Dham become just like Me in all requests.”

It is said that Sri Ksetra is such a confidential abode that even in the Vedas it has been kept a secret. Very few people know the glories of Sri Dham. They visit Puri, they see the beautiful beach and Lord Jagannath and go back without understanding the actual secret, confidential essence of Jagannath Puri. Sri Ksetra is Vaikuntha on earth, the eternal abode of Lord Jagannath. As per material vision, it might just be situated on the shore of Bay of Bengal in Odisha but the subtle incognito behind its manifestation is not known to many. Lord Jagannath showers His mercy upon everyone when He comes out yearly from His temple and travels to Gundica with His brother Baladeva and sister Subhadra on a beautiful chariot. Devotees and spiritualists from all over the world come to behold the mesmerizing glimpse of Lord Jagannath. 

Touchstone Media’s spectacle ‘Sri Ksetra: Vaikuntha on Earth’  reveals the esoteric intricacies behind the advent of Lord Jagannath and His eternal abode into this material realm. Lord Jagannatha appears to relish the love of His devotees, while Lord Chaitanya appears as a devotee with the mood of separation from His Lord. When the two meet, Their confluence creates a rainbow of love, where Lord Jagannath relishes the love of His devotee and Lord Chaitanya beholds the Lord of His heart. Lord Jagannath and Lord Chaitanya are non-different from Lord Krishna, but the moods and intents are different yet same in a subtle way. The reader of this book will get an insight into the realm of love of the Lord and His devotees, which in turn will make the person realize the pinnacle of true love. The appearance of the Lord, the advent of His associates and His Dham, His pastimes, His delectable dealings with His devotees, His glories, Festivals and everything about Lord Jagannath is so majestic yet mysterious. The reader truly will be anointed with the love of Lord Jagannath and will be compelled to fall in love with the Majestic Lord Jagannath. 

The book has been articulately penned down in such a way, so that the reader can travel through time and visualize the essential secrets and loving pastimes of the Lord. Our previous Acaryas have offered glorifications and veneration in reverence unto Lord Jagannath paving the way for us to follow in their footsteps, hence we must grab this opportunity to walk the path that will blissfully lead us to Lord Jagannath. Not only have their instructions emphasised the mood of love and devotion that prevails in Sri Dham but also focussed on the significant role Lord Chaitanya plays in revelation of the glories of this Dham. Lord Chaitanya along with His associates spend a considerable amount of time in the Dham savouring the concealed nectar of Sri Dham and eventually unravelling the inconceivable majesty and opulence of Sri Ksetra.

‘Sri Ksetra: Vaikuntha on Earth’ is not just like any other book glorifying the Lord of the Universe and His Dham but is potent enough to take the reader to the actual Sri Ksetra Dham as perceived and realized by the previous Vaishnava Acaryas and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Himself. Breaking the cliché presentations of the history of Lord Jagannath and His appearance, this book promises to unveil the more enchanting and alluring intricacies of self-realization and reaching the realm of eternal bliss. 

 * * * 

You can get your copy today from the website, For bulk ordering, you can please get in touch with Touchstone Media directly through +918336916108 or

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