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Poem: Lockdown
By Gaura Kishore dasa   |  Jan 22, 2021


Almost a year gone

All personal life perhaps undone 

Challenges on all sides 

A time like no other 

No longer in arms with our brothers 

Many soldiers have left us 

Now we stand bereft of their light 

Much has changed on the external plane 

But have we changed our internal frame

Where has our mind wandered 

How often have we pondered 

How much are we reflecting 

Or are we just simply neglecting

To tender to our creeper 

Is our Bhakti deeper 

Have we reached deep within 

Redoubled our protection from sin 

Have we built our fence 

Tolerance and humility the difference 

Have we watered the seeds of gratitude 

As opposed to mundane platitudes 

Many of us have been impacted greatly

But how many of us have lately 

Taken a moment to consider 

The value of devotion 

Amongst such confusion and commotion 

We may be locked down 

But dont get knocked down 

Take each day anew 

Redouble your fight 

Be resolute and bright 

By developing your Bhakti might 

Through internal reflection 

Mantra meditation 

That eternal relation 

Transcending all nations 

Be more personal than before 

Explore the depths of devotion more 

The time will come 

When we may all stand once again in the sun 

Until that day 

United we must pray

For that time to be again 

Where we can serve in person 

Yet even today 

We strive to remain 

In the joy of devotion 

Locked down we may be 

But Krsna is the only One who can truly set us free 

So be bold and brave 

Humble and kind 

Dont be your minds slave 

And in steadiness we find 

A clearer path 

A renewed hope

A joy that lasts 

No longer should we mope 

The external reality may have changed 

Our eternal reality does not 

We may be locked down 

But we will not let ourselves be knocked down

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