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Poem: Look Within, O Mind!
By Jitendra Savanur   |  May 02, 2020

(Musings with my mind amidst the coronavirus lockdown) 

Your merry rides have been thwarted,

Your house has been fenced,

Amazing you are, O mind,

You still don’t wish to be cleansed…


“O there’s so much to do”, you said,

And excused yourself from grace,

And now when there’s time enough,

You hanker for additional space…


“Let’s go back Home”, when I say,

To travel the world you yearn,

Now as the world is closed for you,

Lessons you refuse to learn..


When it came to looking within,

To no calls you paid heed,

Now when nature shows her wrath,

You still don’t question your greed…


At the expense of other beings,

You relished their painful pangs,

Man may allow it, but nature won’t,

Now she hits back with her fangs…


God’s Grace is always there,

Ever present to uplift us all,

Now when it is time to hold on to it,

You wish to ignore His endearing call…


Take to the Holy Name, O mind,

And commence the process to mend,

To mend our misgivings many,

For this conditioned life, to end..


Content with a simple prose, I thought,

‘Lets get back to work, its time!’

But unfulfilled as always, you said,

“No use if the words don’t rhyme!!”


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