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Poem: The Dark Light
By Ananda Vrindavana Dasi   |  Mar 05, 2021

Can it be a good thing, this darkness?

A kind of light that shows me things

I like to hide from in broad daylight

A kind of cover that lets me bring

Such things up that otherwise

Might be all too much to see?

The night has it’s treasures, the dark pain

Cuts through the emptiness of pretence

There will always be dawn but don’t rush there

Deep spiritual knowing can be found in the

Dark, empty, cold and lonely nights of the soul.

Krishna can be found there, in the longing for truth

The need for shelter, the sweet surrender of no more

To give, to fight, to figure it all out alone.

Pain and suffering are good, the sages say

For they can bring us to places we need to go

Beyond the mind and ego

And into the company of those who know.

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