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Poem: Three Names

By: for ISKCON News on Aug. 28, 2020
Photo Credits: ISKCON Desire Tree



some say they are stories

fables told

to help the young safely follow the mold

and give the old something to do

telling these stories to me and you


so by one of those, it goes

there was one brahmana boy

who himself was sized more like a toy

when he asked the king for three steps of land

the king scoffed, then smiled, and waving his hands


gestured to the heavens

'These are mine you know!?

In fact everywhere you look,

anywhere you could go...

all that you might see, it belongs to me!

So why take only steps? And even then, just three?'


'Three is plenty'

said the brahman boy

whose smile revealed to a fearful few His ploy

indeed in a sudden two steps

the king's property was covered

but that doesn't describe it 

the fact is it was smothered


the earth 

the heavens

above and below

anywhere known

there was now nowhere to go


the boy asked wryly

'Where can I put my foot now?

There isn't anywhere left to go somehow?'


'One place remains unclaimed by you

and I ask you take it so my words may stay true'

the good king said all this 

as the envious looked on in dread


'Please Lord take me,

please place your foot on my head'


yes it seems a very cute tale 

to anyone who'd hear it

but nobody could ever bother to truly believe it

unless you'ver ever begun to sing a certain three names

then like the king who gave three steps

life has never been the same


Hare Krishna Rama

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