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Prime Minister of Australia Accepts Meat-free Challenge!

By: for on April 5, 2013
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Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia
Imagine: You're in year 12, and you find out that the Prime Minister is coming to your school. Not only that, you'll get the chance to speak with her! What do you say to her?

Passionate young South Australian, and Animals Australia Unleashed member, Leah knew just what to do — be a voice for the animals. When Julia Gillard paid a recent visit to Aberfoyle Park High School, in SA, Leah and her friends didn't pass up the opportunity to take their concerns about live export and factory farming straight to the top:

Impressed with the passion and commitment of these young Australians, Prime Minister Gillard said that "South Australia will be in good hands" when they are older. We couldn't agree more.

Leah and her friends recognized that it isn't just the government that can make positive change for animals — each of us as individuals can too! So they challenged the Prime Minister to go meat-free for two weeks. And she accepted!

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