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Radha Krishna Records Releases “Mantra Lounge” Album

By: for ISKCON News on July 3, 2014

If you have ever thought sincerely about the phrase: “you are what you eat”, well we have a new one for you –“you are what you listen to”. With that in mind why not make a conscious effort to decide: what is the soundtrack to my spiritual life?

Radha Krishna Records, Radha-Krishna temple ISKCON London’s own record company has released it 10th album: “Mantra Lounge” on May 28th, 2014.

“Mantra Lounge” is a harmony of worlds, a united piece of art that is seen and tasted through the ears. The album has mantra and bhakti-yoga artists from all over the world, and all genres including the famous UK R&B artist (not to mention United Nations Best Female Solo Artist) Charlotte Kelly who takes us into deep swirling pool of soothing Hare Krishna maha-mantra with her willowing voice and jazzy trimmings.  

The “Mantra Lounge” artists fan-base, although underground, are growing and meets at various events where artists of the album come to play, jam and enjoy the journey of mantra music together.

Radha Krishna Records strives to build a community of spiritual music and artists worldwide. Its ethos are “to encourage organize spiritual music and artistry; tending and nourishing it to spark that devotional light inside when we find something special and then sharing this with you the listener, to shine ever brighter”. Through producing music it allows its artists a new avenue to share their wisdom and love, and find a balanced life amidst all the hustle of advancement. It specializes in kirtan, spiritual music that can make every hair on your body dance.

Have a listen to the new track on your top playlist:

Please help support the Radha Krishna Records continuing projects by buying an album or any of its tracks available on the Radha Krishna Records website,, BLS, or iTunes.

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