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Road to Vrindavan – Film Premiere – Online – Free
By Be Inspired Films   |  Apr 03, 2021

Road to Vrindavan is a new film that examines the importance of education for girls in India and the insight needed for tradition to be applied in ways that uplift rather than oppress its future. 

– Online Premiere Information – 

Dates: Available to stream March 30th, 8 PM –  April 12th, 6 PM (*extended on April 5th, 2021)


Cost: Free. A donation is strongly encouraged to support girl’s educations at the Sandipani Muni School in Vrindavan, India.

Reviews: Described as “heartbreaking yet incredibly hopeful’” and “brave, honest, and beautiful.”

Synopsis: On a life-changing journey across India, culture, and progress collide as a former Krishna monk re-examines traditional gender roles. Just as he is understanding the barriers girls face, he is hit with a challenge that sends him on a new line of discovery. Will education bring them true equality or simply transform them into caged butterflies? How do you ensure lasting change?


Backstory: In 2016 Ravinol gets invited on an epic 1800km road trip down the west coast of India, in a convoy of 3-wheel Tuk-Tuks. The purpose of the trip is to raise awareness about the challenges girls there face accessing education. Excited about the adventure, he and his camera crew begin a treacherous journey that will eventually lead them to a girl’s school in the rural village of Vrindavan, four hours south of Delhi. Here each girl has her own story, how against all odds she has fought to pursue her education and to believe more is possible for her than tradition and culture would otherwise dictate.

Be Inspired Films: Ravinol Chambers is the founder and CEO of Be Inspired Films, and a member of ISKCON at his local temple, the Bhaktivedanta Manor. He is a multi-award-winning Irish-born film director focusing on stories that cross boundaries and aim to connect us as humans at the deepest level. 

Director Ravinol Chambers, Producer Ravin J. Ganatra, Cinematographer Martyna Knitter, and Musical Supervisor, Niraj Chag worked tirelessly for years on the documentary, which is being screened online and will continue screenings around the globe this year. This is Ravinol’s debut feature documentary.


“Making the film has been a transformational experience”, Ravinol said. “It has enabled me to see the world through the eyes of the young women that shared their challenges and traumas with us. I was able to recognize the impact and oppression women experience when society views them as second-class citizens, where their voices are not heard, their opinions not considered important, and where decisions are made for them. I saw this happen at the hands of men and also women. I realized it is not men or women who are to blame, but the patriarchal system that so many people around the world adhere to without even questioning it,” he said. 

Donations raised from the documentary screenings are being used to support the work of the organizations featured in the film: 

Food For Life Vrindavan – Vrindavan:

Prerana Anti-Trafficking – Mumbai:

Abhivyakti Media for Development – Kochargaon/Nasik:

Barefoot College – Tilonia, Rajasthan:

Equal Community Foundation – Pune:

The Womanity Foundation – Geneva:

To watch the trailer, see stills, check out reviews of the film, or contact the film team: visit


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