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Rotary International Honors ISKCON Midday Meal Project

By: on Feb. 21, 2009

The Mumbai branch of Rotary International, a humanitarian organization with 32,000 clubs and over 1.2 million members worldwide, organized a charity show this January 29 to honor ISKCON’s Midday Meal Project.

Part of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation’s efforts in Mumbai, India, the Project feeds poverty-stricken children who are forced, out of hunger, to leave the Indian Government’s sponsored education program and take up menial jobs.

The Midday Meal Project has been dishing out over 100,000 nutritious vegetarian meals per day since its inception in 2004, and this year aims to raise that number to 500,000. Providing the only complete meal of the day for many children, the Project has produced dramatic results in school enrolment, attendance, and attention spans.

And so the event in its honor was a suitably grand affair, drawing a 3,000-strong crowd and featuring renowned ghazal singer Padmabhushan Shri Jagjit Singh live in concert.

The event kicked off at 8pm, with Rotary District Governor Bansi Dhurandhar awarding ISKCON Midday Meal director Dr. Radha Krishna Das a commendation for his service to the city of Mumbai.

Following brief presentations on the Midday Meal and Rotary International, Rotary Club President C. M. Dwivedi introduced Jagjit Singh to a round of tumultuous applause. Music lovers sat back to allow the soothing, ethereal sounds to envelop them. A blend of eclectic beats heightened the performance’s charm, mesmerizing the audience.

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation commented, “We offer our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the sponsors, media partners, and generous members of the Rotary Club whose ardent support, perfect fellowship and brotherhood made the show such a success.”

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