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Australian Hit-Makers Visit ISKCON Dallas
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Июн 21, 2008

Award-winning electropop band The Veronicas dropped by ISKCON Dallas this June, taking a break from their current US tour.

The group, which hails from Brisbane, Australia, peaked at number 2 in the Australian album charts with their first record and are enjoying worldwide success with their second. So Dallas temple priest Nityananda Chandra was pleasantly surprised when they greeted him with enthusiastic cries of “Hare Krishna!” and “Haribol!”

Lead singers—and identical twins—Jessica Louise and Lisa Marie Origliasso were accompanied by Jessica’s boyfriend Azaria. Also present was their friend Chandravali, an ISKCON youth who travels with the band filming their tour documentary.

Nityananda Chandra showed the band around the temple, and they marvelled at its beauty, particularly appreciating Radharani’s Park and the Samadhi of Tamal Krishna Goswami. From there he took them to Dallas’ famous Kalachandji restaurant, where he was in for another surprise. “They were really hip to Hare Krishna ISKCON lingo,” he says. “Azaria urged us, “Let’s take prasadam,” and as we ate he said, “This prasadam is the best in the world!”

Nityananda chatted with the group about vegetarianism and other topics during the meal, before venturing into the gift shop. There Lisa bought the book Krsna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead, while the others showed interest in various introductory books on Krishna consciousness. Finally they had to leave for their show, with Azaria clutching a large Lakshmi fountain he had purchased.

“There were all very nice and seemed to have a keen attraction to the Lord,” says Nityananda Chandra. “Hopefully they will come by and see us again on their next tour.”

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