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ISKCON GBC Nominates New Child Protection Director
By ISKCON GBC   |  Ноя 30, 2016

An announcement by the ISKCON Governing Commission about the nomination of the new International Director of the ISKCON Child Protection Office:

The ISKCON GBC is pleased to announce that appointment of Kamlesh Krishna das as the International Director of the ISKCON Child Protection Office. He succeeds Champakalata devi dasi in this role, and is already actively involved in the service. We thank Champakalata Prabhu for her many years of dedicated service to child protection in the ISKCON Society.

Prior to joining ISKCON Kamlesh Krishna Prabhu worked with the Ministry of Defence in London for a number of years, covering roles in various departments such as defence public relations, personnel management and procurement, attached to the army as a civilian officer.

He was introduced to ISKCON by family members and joined the Brahmacari ashrama at Bhaktivedanta Manor in 1985. He is a disciple of H H Bhakti Charu Swami.

In 1990 he pursued a career in financial services. He has held various senior posts in the banking and financial services industry over his career, as well as establishing his own corporate financial advisory company. Academically he holds a BSc in computer science and is a chartered corporate financial planner.

In his devotional career, he continues to serve on various bodies within the UK, namely UK National Management Council, Bhaktivedanta Patrons Council and finance committees.

Kamlesh Krishna das, has been involved in the service of child protection in the UK since 2010. His main input has been as a panellist for international cases as well as assisting the UK Child Protection Team. Over this period he has attended and completed a number of external training courses relating to child protection facilitated by accredited organisations in the field. 

He will be carrying out his service with the assistance of his wife, Gandarvika Devi Dasi. Gandarvika has been serving in Child Protection within ISKCON for the last 18 years and has a wide breath of knowledge and experience in the field of child protection.

Kamlesh Krishna’s main aims as the Director of  The ISKCON Child Protection office are to bring greater awareness and importance of Child Protection to ISKCON at all levels. Additionally, in order to ensure a consistent level of well-being and security of our children throughout ISKCON, he wants to deliver training, support and effective organizational structures, so that child protection teams are increased, supported and empowered. 

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