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ISKCON Gurugram Invited to Speak at Delhi University
By ISKCON Gurugram   |  Июн 05, 2022

Rambhadra Das, President of ISKCON Gurugram was invited to speak at the “Faculty Development Program” at Ambedkar University Delhi. The University, though only in the 15th year of its establishment, is already one of the top-ranked in India. Making in the top 150 ranked Universities in such a short span. It is renowned for its focus on innovation and research.  

Rambhadra Das seated 2nd from left with the Chief Guest Mr. Surinder Shunty seated in centre and University Vice Chancellor seated 2nd from right.

The ‘Faculty Development Program’ was based on the theme, ‘Pandemic: Experiences and Implications’. It saw guest speakers from fields like Medicine, Governance, Faith-based organizations, and various NGOs that played an important role in providing services during the Covid surge in Delhi and adjoining areas. 

Gifting a copy of Bhagvad Gita to the Vice-Chancellor

Rambhadra Das spoke about his experiences and learnings from leading devotees who served in the Covid Food Relief campaign. Apart from the practical experiences and challenges faced on the ground, he also shared the deep philosophical inspiration he and his team derived from the books of  Srila Prabhupada and His personal example to serve humanity.  

About 75 faculty members attended the session. They were intrigued by the fact that ISKCON devotees could take up such a risk of life to serve humanity. Many of them enquired further into the content of the scriptures that could inspire people in that direction. 

Receiving certificate from chief guest

Towards the conclusion of the event, Rambhadra Das was honored by the Chief Guest, Padam Shree( Third highest civilian award of India) Awardee Sri Dr. Surinder Singh Shunty. The Vice-Chancellor of the University Dr. Anu Singh Lather has also presented a copy of Bhagavad Gita – As It Is and Prasadam by Rambhadra Das.  She was very happy to receive the gifts and seemed to be very spiritually inclined. She invited ISKCON for future talks at University to inspire students to serve humanity and develop compassion for others. 

Based on the Faculty Development Program addresses, a course on Disaster Management and a Pandemic Manual will be published.

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