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Russian ISKCON Devotees Continue Helping People in the Flooded Krasnodar Area
By Yadunandana Das   |  Jul 19, 2012

Up-to-date technology, specially trained rescue teams are always ready to arrive immediately at any spot of the country. But can menacing technologies and impressive equipment replace simple human sympathy and compassion which manifests in a piece of bread and a kind word?

From the first hours after the strong flood which has affected the towns of Krasnodar region and taken a great number of lives, Vaishnavas from southern Russian cities (especially from Novorossiysk and Volzhsk) along with Christians volunteers have been doing extensive civil services in the area.

As the Russian national media has also reported on, on the first days the Vaishnavas started to help preparing and giving out hot food, clothes and other necessities to the needy. Now, as Aditi-Dukhahi Das says, one and a half thousand liters of food is made daily, which gives the opportunity to serve food 3 times a day for free, sufficient for approximately 3 thousand people.

The Vaishnavas prepare and distribute food in the suburbs of Krymsk and Nizhnyaya Abakanka. The administration of the Region has given eight spots for the devotees for that purpose.

“We go to the places where it is possible to go by car and serve out food,” says Aditi-Dukhaha Das. “On the first day our volunteers gave out only 500 plates but on the second day this quantity was doubled, and now we give out even more. A lot of people have volunteered to help us. They peel vegetables, bring products. We have volunteers from Volzhsk and Krasnodar coming here because the amount of work here is endless. We collect donations and buy products, we also collect products from the markets as people donate to help. A Vaishnava has just arrived who bought products for 25 thousand rubles, so we can increase our help.”

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