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Russian ISKCON News Facebook Page Launched

By: for ISKCON News on Jan. 30, 2014

Krishna Novosti

With a Spanish language ISKCON News website launched on January 1st (, and running successfully, it’s now Russia’s turn.

Krishna Novosti (Krishna News) launched on January 6th, and publishes daily summaries of ISKCON News articles in Russian at

Managing editor Bhaktin Olessia has served with the Russian branch of ISKCON Communications for the past five years, and developed the page with the help of translators from that department.  

“Narayani Radha Dasi, one of the translators, suggested that it is time we have a Russian-language website, as devotees in Russia are not very familiar with what goes on in ISKCON around the world,” she says.

A devotee distributes books at the Moscow book fair

Olessia and Narayani decided to start with a Facebook page, as that would be more easily manageable than a website, and to call it “Krishna News” until they feel sure they can keep up a suitably quality output to use the name “ISKCON News.”

The page does, however, clearly brand itself as representing ISKCON Communications worldwide, and being part of the greater family that includes ISKCON News.

It also complements, a Russian-language website that offers broad Krishna conscious information and local Moscow news, by adding the international perspective.

“I imagine we will have quite a large audience,” says Olessia. “There is Russia itself, the CIS countries, and many Russian devotees living and serving in India and in Western countries. I am sure they’ll all be happy to have a Vaisnava News resource in Russian.”

Moscow Society for Krishna Consciousness president Radha Damodar Das provides moral support for the project, while Narayani Radha, Katya and Oleg from Moscow, and Dasha from Almaty, Kazkhstan help translate. Moscow’s Amala Bhakta Das edits.

A devotee chants at the Moscow temple

Olessia hopes more translators, editors, writers and photographers join soon and create original content.

“There is a lot going on in Russian-speaking ISKCON,” she says. “But a system for timely communication between different temples’ Communications Departments is only in the making now. I hope that this page will make the process go faster.”

In the future, Olessia hopes to publish more and longer articles. She also hopes to exchange Russian and English ISKCON videos by adding subtitles to both. 

Eventually, Krishna Novosti will become part of

“I disagree with modern journalists who say that negative news and scandals sell better,” Olessia says. “I just think they are not providing enough positive alternatives. What I like about ISKCON News is that it gives this positive alternative. In a world torn by conflicts, anyone can just visit ISKCON News and receive so many good emotions.”

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