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School of Love

By: for ISKCON News on Feb. 16, 2018
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Arjuna, the spiritual warrior.


Never are uncommon, these endless lessons of love
Of how to catch a man, how to keep a woman’s love
Or how to use God and His universe
To fulfil​​ one’s desires diverse.
But wise people say just rise above
Life is nothing but a school of love
You get everything that you deserve
Just unlearn to use,​ ​and​ ​learn to love..

As water cannot fill
The tank of your car when empty
Wealth, prestige and power in plenty
Do not serve our actual purpose and identity.
We are not just hungry, but starving for love
Source of which is high up above
When He is satisfied, our soul is full of verve..

As spiritual warriors, remember we must
Our greatest ally is love, worst enemy is lust
If concept of love, above body, hasn’t risen
Then school of love has changed into a prison
This game of pretending and playing God must be over
We are made for love and He is our greatest lover.

Dissatisfaction is a missed opportunity to love
Depression is lack of sending out enough love.
Lets interpret the harsh words in a loving way
And be grateful for negativity coming our way
Let love and faith in God drive us through the day
A true spiritual warrior remembers God in this way.

Our reluctance to surrender, must be turned into abidance
We prepare through our worldly dealings, this is a perfect chance
Before we enter into the world of divine, eternal romance.

As our prayers and chanting become deeper and deeper
The music of love becomes sweeter and sweeter..
Holding us together, this love is a cosmic glue
Its storehouse is Supreme Lord, cannot be me and you.
In those imperfect bondings where God has no connection
Love is not a valuable diamond, but a cut glass in possession.
That which flows through God, is love unconditional
​It transcends mind and body, it is soul’s betrothal.
I become yours, you become His messenger mine,
We remind each other of Him, this is relationship divine.

More you know of Him, more you will understand
In order to love and serve, an ear you need to lend
Not just to anyone, but to His dear friend.
Messengers of His love are truly godsend 
In​ this​ school of love, the lessons never end.

​(Based on chapter "​Transforming Lust into Love” from the book The Spiritual Warrior by Bhakti Tirtha Swami)

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