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Second Vaisnava Film Awards at Mayapur Festival 2016
By Nrsimhananda das   |  Dec 18, 2015

In 2006, the 1st Vaisnava Film Awards took center stage at the Mayapur Festival. There have been many “films” made since then.  The time has come to honor the best productions during the past 10 years. The Nityananda Awards had been given in numerous categories including Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Writing, Best Cinematography, etc..  At this year’s 50th Anniversary of Iskcon, another group of filmmaker/videomakers will be honored – all for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada who stated:

“One thing more, if we are successful in this program then my dreamt mission of life to spread Krishna Consciousness all over the world will be fulfilled. I wish to speak on the great philosophy of Bhagavata Dharma at least once in a week on Television, so if arrangement is made by you for this, then you will be doing the highest service for Krishna.” (letter to Karadhara – Bombay 22 March, 1972)

The videophiles who have utilized the medium for preaching have advanced the mission in every town and village.  They have brought Harinam sankirtan onto computer screens in every country. They have broadcast the glories of Srila Prabhupada’s personal example and clear explanations of Vaisnava philosophy everywhere.  They have glorified Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Holy Dhama’s,  devotees, and the pastimes of Lord Krishna in unimaginable magnitude. They are being watched 24/7 in all corners of the globe.  That’s BIG preaching We will honor this at the 2nd Vaisnava Film Awards at Maypur Festival 2016 .   

We are requesting all producers/directors: submit entries by sending a link to your uploaded production:  Questions may also be sent to that address.  Deadline is January 22nd.  Include your name, address, telephone, Skype name, and any other relevant information regarding your entry.  Please be brief and write in English. All entries are required to be in English or have English subtitles.  Additional files/dvd’s will be requested as needed.

A panel of judges who have professional experience will select the winners. The 2006 Festival awarded more than $6000 in prizes.  The amounts, if any, this year are unknown at this time.  

The best five in each category will be featured via clips at the event.  They will also be screened prior to the ceremony at the samadhi auditorium over a number of evenings.  The coveted Nityananda statues will be presented on stage at the awards presentation. These awards do not discriminate among Vaisnava sangas. (In 2005, a non-devotee producer won the “Best Picture” category for “My Hare Krishna Family.”) 

The Oscars, British Academy Awards, National Film Awards (India), Caesar Award (France), AMA Awards (Africa), Golden Eagle Awards (Russia), Golden Rooster Awards (China), Citra Awards (Indonesia), Japan Academy Prize, AACTA (Australia), Lola Awards (Germany) , Luna and FAMAS Awards (Philippines)….so many film awards CANNOT compare with the achievements of the Vaisnavas who overcome the powerful resistance of MAYA by defying the odds to produce Krishna conscious productions.  All glories to the indefatigable filmmakers/videophiles of Lord Chaitanya’s movement. 

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