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Self-Publishing Services for Gaudiya Authors
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Oct 26, 2017


A new nonprofit company named Inword Publishers has just opened its doors. Authors and production managers will be interested to note that Inword Publishers has a full range of services in editing, design, layout, printing, distribution, and marketing, all under one roof. 

“For decades, devotees around the world have regularly called or emailed me,” Pranada devi dasi says, “asking for help in how to produce and publish books. I wanted to offer a comprehensive solution for devotees. Along with a few devotees, we have put together a team of qualified devotee-professionals, so we can now offer a one-stop solution for our most important family business.” 

Pranada, who has 37 years’ experience in devotional and secular book and magazine publishing, guided the development of Inword Publishers.

Inword offers several different packaged services that include a full range of production services. And you can also choose individual services tailored to your specific needs. Their “Learning Center” has much valuable information, and they’re writing more tutorials all the time. In addition to traditional print book manufacturing (offset printing), Inword helps authors publish at virtual bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks Store, and others. 

“We’re set up to produce any eBook and/or pBook [print book] no matter how complicated,” Pranada explains, “in any configuration for distribution and at a very high quality.” 

“I published my first book alone,” says Karnamrita dasa. “And I had to learn everything as I went along, which was very time-consuming, through trial and error. For example, the Indian publisher lost his enthusiasm and dropped out; I went through three editors, some of whom never finished, and a long, winding road with a graphic artist; and on and on. It was a four-year process with many starts and stops, regrouping, and rethinking, and I almost gave up after two years. For my second book, I hired Inword. It was less expensive, and they managed all the various professionals. And what a painless and satisfying experience it was—all completed in a few months. I’m definitely going to do my next book with Inword.”

Inword Publishers is a nonprofit company. “Money and services ought to remain within the devotee community,” Pranada tells us. “The Jewish community has shown the world how to strengthen one’s group by supporting those individuals and businesses in one’s community. Now there’s a way to keep our family business within the family.”

Whether you want to make a picture book for children, a book of fictional tales, a biography or memories book, a keepsake wedding album, or a scholarly presentation of Vaishnava siddhanta, Inword Publishers can make sure your thoughts, ideas, and words are professionally produced and presented for your readers. 

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