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Sequel Planned to Award-Winning Short “Long Lost”
By Madhava Smullen   |  Mar 05, 2015

Writer-director Shaktyavesha Avatar Das is planning a sequel to his award-winning short film, “Long Lost.”

The original 25-minute short, which tells the story of a young London man searching for answers in life and discovering Krishna consciousness, came in at third place in Russian film festival “I See God.”

Long Lost was also recommended by the London Film Academy and shown at the British Film Institute.

Meanwhile, many ISKCON devotees around the world found it a moving and inspiring portrayal that reminded them of their own spiritual journey.

The crew films a scene with John Gould and Radha-Londonisvara Das

Long Lost 2 is set to shoot this summer, and fans are intrigued to see where it goes – the first film left us with protagonist Tim still very much beginning his journey after having visited London’s Radha Krishna Temple. And we’re not sure what, if anything, will happen with his girlfriend Jo.

“Lauris (cinematographer Laurynas Bolnis) and I are set to shoot Long Lost 2 this coming summer,” says Shaktyavesha Avatar, who hails from Russia but lives in London.

“This time, the story will take us to Bhaktivedanta Manor, and another love story will unfold,” he adds cryptically.

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Watch “Long Lost” in full here:

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