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Service Opportunity: International Coordinator for ISKCON's 50th Anniversary - 2016

By: for ISKCON News on May 31, 2013

An announcement by the International 50th Anniversary Committee of ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC):

"ISKCON is just a few years away from celebrating its 50th anniversary. It's time to gear up for a grand celebration and offering of service to Srila Prabhupada.

This year the GBC established an International 50th Anniversary Committee and asked us to look for a 50th Anniversary International Coordinator. You'll find a job description below. You can also see the full text of the GBC's resolution.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this important service opportunity, please write to . We are also considering having a team of co-coordinators, so please keep this in mind.

Already North America and India are moving forward with continental and regional committees. We need to fill the position of International Coordinator quickly so, please respond by 11th June."

Service Description

Mission: To help develop, promote, encourage, and coordinate celebration of ISKCON's 50th Anniversary around the world.

Authority: ISKCON International 50th Anniversary Committee

. Strong Leadership skills
. Management Experience
. Strong Communication skills, including writing and speaking
. Basic Computer skills, including some basic web management experience
. Proficient in English (additional languages a plus)
. Strategic Planning skills
. Good organizational skills
. Strong commitment to ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada
. Team player
. Team builder
. Self-motivated
. Multi-tasker
. Goal oriented
. International vision
. Enthusiastic
. Enjoys working with people
. Able to work cooperatively with senior ISKCON leaders, and devotees at all levels
. Graduate of ISKCON Communications & Leadership/Management courses (preferred)

. Working in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Committee and International Communications Committee: Develop an International Anniversary Strategy (IAS)-including recommended events, themes, and goals-to promote and celebrate ISKCON's 50th Anniversary
. Attend bi-monthly meetings with the International Anniversary Committee and provide progress reports
. Develop and maintain relationships/communication, and provide ongoing consultation with key ISKCON leaders and leadership bodies internationally to encourage regional planning and celebration of ISKCON's 50th Anniversary
. Coordinate with Regional/Continental Anniversary Coordinators when/if in place; and participate in Continental strategy conference calls as needed to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas
. Promote adherence to 50th Anniversary themes and goals by ISKCON Regions, Temples and Communities
. Ensure regular information about the 50th Anniversary is distributed to ISKCON leaders, temples, websites, and members in increasing frequency as the Anniversary draws closer
. Work with the Communication Ministry to coordinate and distribute information and media releases about the 50th Anniversary to appropriate venues
. Serve as an ISKCON 50th Anniversary spokesperson when required
. Respond to inquiries about the 50th Anniversary
. Provide Anniversary reports and updates for the GBC Body to review at its two annual meetings
. Oversee the development of promotional materials, as required
. Assist in maintaining an Anniversary website, by providing information to the webmaster, or directly uploading if possible

GBC Resolutions - 2013 #310. ISKCON 50th Anniversary International Committee and International Coordinator:

"Whereas there is a need for international leadership and coordination of ISKCON's upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2016;

And whereas it is important for ISKCON members and communities around the world to begin planning for ISKCON's 50th Anniversary celebration:

Resolved, that an International 50th Anniversary Committee is created. Its initial members shall include Pancharatna das, Gauri das, and Anuttama das. They shall add additional members as required.

A 50th Anniversary International Coordinator shall be engaged under the guidance of the Anniversary Committee to assist in coordinating the 50th Anniversary.

The Anniversary Committee shall create a service description and appropriate goals for the Coordinator and support his/her seva up to and during the Anniversary.

The Anniversary Committee and Anniversary Coordinator shall work with the GBC, Regional Governing Bodies, ISKCON Ministries, Temples, and other ISKCON communities and projects to encourage them in planning the celebration of the 50th Anniversary through multiple events. The Coordinator shall work closely with the Communications Ministry to promote internationally consistent messages, themes and event ideas.

In addition, all ISKCON GBC members, RGBs, Temples, communities, projects and members around the world are encouraged to develop appropriate strategies to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in their areas, and to assure such efforts are consistent with the themes brought forth by the 50th Anniversary Committee.

ISKCON leaders and communities are advised to develop preliminary national, regional and local plans during 2013 to be further coordinated and discussed at the International Leadership Sanga in Mayapur in 2014."

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