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Share Your Care: A New Website to Help Ukraine Directly
By Kamala Radha devi dasi   |  Mar 12, 2022

Under the guidance of Niranjana Swami, a new website has been launched so that the worldwide devotee community can help Ukraine. will be a direct way for you to help Ukraine. Not only will you be able to financially donate, but you will be able to sign up to volunteer as well. Share Your Care will give you a window into the life of Ukrainian devotees living in the conflict, and it will also be a way for Ukrainian devotees to request assistance. The same information can also be found in our Verified Donations article.


HH Niranjana Swami Addresses the Worldwide Devotee Community

A Letter from Share Your Care

Dear Devotees,

We appreciate your prayers and financial support for Ukrainian devotees during these critical times.

All donations will be used to support the devotees suffering from the conflict in Ukraine.

Donations will be used for the following:

  • Helping devotees and their families relocate from conflict zones
  • Help support devotees who are unable to maintain themselves
  • Supporting brahmacharies
  • Deity Seva
  • Food Relief

Decisions on how to allocate donations will be made by the devotees responsible for dispersing the funds. If you would like your donation used for a specific purpose, you may specify it as well.

All reports will be submitted to ISKCON leadership, care of H.H. Niranjana Swami.

Ukrainian devotees are encouraged to share their stories with us so that we may assist you better. To upload your pictures and videos, please visit our file share:

Your servants,
ShareYourCare Team


Chernigiv, Ukraine. Mataji Inna Tells Her Story

Volunteers Needed!

At this moment the need for more volunteers to help at Share Your Care is massive. Mostly answering emails, corresponding with donors, and keeping in touch with devotees who are in need of help. Some of the volunteer positions are remote and some are on the ground.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Communication Representative with Existing DonorsEnglish

These candidates will correspond with those who have already donated and need to receive an update on how donations are being disbursed. These candidates would be emailing donors and letting them know how their donations are being used and will include pictures and stories from the Ukrainian devotees.

  • Communication Representative within Processing – English

These candidates will be emailing individuals interested in donating and explaining the process of not only how to donate, but how the donations are distributed. This candidate will also be corresponding with people that have donated and want to know about the processing time (sometimes it can take up to 7 days for transfers to go through), and donors need to be kept in the loop.

  • Communication Representative with Corporate Sponsors and Foundations – English

There are specific ways of writing and communicating with companies and foundations that want to donate to us – these types of entities may need other information than an individual would.

  • Communication Representative Managing Outgoing DevoteesRussian + English

These candidates would support devotees in Ukraine not only with funds but also by helping them to escape from Ukraine (if this is their goal). These individuals will create a list of the safe routes out of Ukraine, and make sure that they have all the proper paperwork to leave. These candidates will also help them board transportation. Volunteers to meet them on the EU side and help them receive food and accommodations are also needed.

  • Volunteers to Support Ukrainian Devotees Abroad from UkraineRussian + English

These candidates will help Ukrainian devotees get resettled and help them find ways to live. We have faced some cases when devotees have arrived in Poland, where 30 people are staying in one room and they don’t have funds or knowledge on what to do or where to go next. We would like people to help devotees fill out forms and to help them find jobs and possible housing.

  • Process Optimization of DonationsRussian + English

We have a list of points where we can avoid no-need commissions and fees, or can get better rates exchanging donors’ currency to local UAH and we need individuals who can help us with this.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Skilled with experience

Maintaining a CRM list with regular updates. We have about 15,000 devotees originally from Ukraine. We need to know how many of them are located in a particular area or city, what is the capacity of their accommodations, what are their plans, and how we can assist them and get them aid.

Share Your Care says that if none of these positions fit your skill, please still contact Share Your Care and let them know what you would like to do. Any and all skills are needed at this critical time. Website YouTube Instagram 



DISCLAIMER: ISKCON has collected the names of organizations and bank accounts listed above in an effort to make this information to those who desire to help the people and devotees of Ukraine. All this information has been collected in good faith and is provided here as a service for those looking for a way to provide financial assistance for Ukrainians. ISKCON believes that the information provided above is reliable. However, ISKCON has not conducted any independent investigation to verify the accuracy or authenticity of the information. Accordingly, ISKCON cannot and does not promise, warrant, or otherwise provide any guarantee that funds contributed will actually be received by the individuals and groups listed above or that, if the money is received, that it will in fact be used for the charitable purposes stated above. By providing the above-listed information, ISKCON, ISKCON News, and ISKCON Communications and any other ISKCON entity, shall not be liable to anyone for any misappropriation of funds that are contributed, or for any loss or damage suffered by anyone who makes any financial contribution to any of the organizations, individuals, and accounts listed above.

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