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‘Share Your Care’ Driven by Commitment
By Antony Brennan   |  Dec 01, 2007

Share Your Care is a non-profit organisation devoted to providing love and holistic health care. It focuses its attention where there is a need for medical relief, food relief, counseling and spiritual uplift. Share Your Care raises funds and awareness for those who cannot afford medical treatment and who would otherwise be neglected.

"The health care activities are carried out through Bhaktivedanta Hospital," said Mr. S. Char from Bhaktivedanta Hospital. "A full range of medical services are available including general surgery, eye surgery, kidney dialysis, neurology, endocrinology, physiotherapy, pediatrics and a full time mobile clinic for rural health programs. There is also a strong emphasis on raising awareness among people regarding health issues.

"The greatest strength of Share Your Care is its people. From doctors to drivers, from cooks and kitchen helpers to childcare workers, social workers and fieldworkers, many professionals, businessmen, philanthropists and others are a part of this growing mission."

Recent liver donor for Shyamasundara Dasa Gopinatha Dasa from Share Your Care said, "We also provide support for Barsana Eye Camp and the Vrindavana Hospice.

"Vrindavana Hospice provides palliative care alleviating the pain and discomfort of those who are about to leave their bodies. We facilitate departure in a dignified, spiritual environment. The hospice prepares devotees to leave their body in the holy abode of Sri Vrindavana.

"The Barsana Eye Camp is a genuine outreach program. We are trying to provide quality care services for people with cataracts living in the remote area of Barsana where there are no other medical facilities."

The yearly camp involves a team of 120 volunteers who contribute their time and talents to make it a success.

Share Your Care provides support on the ground where disaster strikes, from the Gujarat earthquake of 2001 when Bhaktivedanta Hospital disaster relief team were on the ground within two days, to the tsunami of 2004.

"We go where we are needed," said Gopinatha.

A team of 50 comprised of doctors, paramedics and volunteers served for more than six months treating over 20,000 patients.

More than 3000 plates of hot rice and dhal were given away free over 50 days. Following the tsunami of December 2004, houses were constructed and given to poor families along with cooking stoves, mats, bed sheets, school bags, shoes and more. After the Mumbai floods of July 2005, staff and volunteers set up a medical service, recovered dead bodies and helped stranded people to safety.

Share Your Care is a not-for-profit corporation. Visit the web site to see how you can help.