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Sir Ivan`s Hare Krishna Single Enters US Top 10

By: on June 10, 2011
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Sir Ivan
American billionaire banker turned techno music performer -- Sir Ivan – released an exciting new single, an electro-pop version of "Hare Krishna" which was a Top 10 hit.

This success in the U.S. followed the almost equally impressive response in the UK where it reached number 15 on the New Music Week Chart and number 14 on both the DMC World House and DMC World UK Club Charts.

The song was released last summer in Ibiza, Spain, both as a single on Sir Ivan's first full-length album "I Am Peaceman," and as a remix package.

Sir Ivan explained: "For as long as I live, I will never forget, as a kid in the sixties, seeing the Hare Krishnas... They seemed truly content just being alive and needed no material possessions to achieve a state of happiness and inner peace. I had no idea what Hare Krishna meant, but hearing them sing the most famous mantra from India I figured it would transition easily into a spiritual trance dance record."
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