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Spiritual Science Exhibition at ISKCON Mira Road, Mumbai
By Krishnanandan Das and Bhagavati Kripa Dasi   |  May 04, 2017

Spiritual Science Exhibition by children of NICE (Narasimha Institute for Children Education) – an education wing of ISKCON Mira Road, Mumbai, was held at the Balaji hall, ISKCON Mira Road, on 23rd April 2016.

It started around 7am. There were 125 models made by 250 children who explained the wonderful pastimes of the Lord to the devotees who came to visit the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was based on the 1000th Appearance Day of Sripad Ramanujacharya.

The students who had presented the pastimes of Sripad Ramanujacharya were enthusiastic in explaining the details of each personality. 

The exhibition was graced by special guests such as Umapati Swami, Siddhi Lalasa Dasi, Jalangi Dasi. 

The exhibition stalls were arranged in chronological order. The start explained the four Sampradayas (Vaishnava lineages), and how ISKCON comes under Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Sampradaya. Then it went on to the details of the Sfri Sampradaya, showcasing aRamanujacarya’s pastimes and Alwars (meadieval Vaishnava saints). 

This unforgettable experience came to an end at 1pm followed by sumptuous Ekadasi Prasadam.


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