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  • ISKCON North America Releases Statement on Domestic Abuse

    “Sadly, our ISKCON society is not immune to domestic abuse. Sometimes devotees believe that domestic abuse is tolerated within our society. Thus, the NA GBC determined it necessary to make a clear, strong statement that domestic abuse is never acceptable.”

  • ISKCON Statement on Domestic Abuse--Appendices

    Domestic abuse is defined as a pattern of emotional, mental, or physical abuse that is used by one person in a relationship/marriage to control an intimate partner.

  • ISKCON Statement on Domestic Abuse

    Domestic abuse (sometimes referred to as domestic violence) is a serious global problem within society-at-large. Most domestic abuse (about 85%) is perpetrated by men against women, in the role of a husband or intimate partner. In America, 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic abuse in their lives. 

  • A Psychiatrist’s Letter to Young People about Fifty Shades of Grey

    There’s nothing gray about Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s all black. Abuse is not glamorous or cool.  It is never OK, under any circumstances.

  • International Widows’ Day – a Day of Action against Ongoing Poverty and Injustice

    On June 23, the third annual International Widows’ Day will focus the world’s attention on one of its most rejected and abused groups. In many cities and rural villages in multiple countries, cultural and ancient religious beliefs still inflict extreme discrimination against widows.

  • Sadness of Delhi Rape Death

    The present perverted culture of India allows rape and molestation of women to take place anywhere and everywhere in the nation.

  • Delhi Gang-Rape and the Modern Shurapanakha

    The horrifying gang-rape of a young physiotherapy student in a private bus in Delhi has sparked outrage across India. Our female citizens definitely require much better security. We need a more vigilant police force, prompter help-lines, and stronger and swifter punishments for sexual assaulters. Yet will better security be enough?

  • India Files Murder Charges Against Suspects in Brutal Gang Rape

    Indian authorities added murder charges Saturday for suspects in the brutal gang rape that led to the death of a 23-year-old woman and sent outraged protesters to the streets.

  • National Child Protection Training in India
    The term ‘abuse’ is enough to make one want to cringe. To attend 3 days of constant talks on abuse, studying cases, watching videos, all with the aim of preventing it from happening in ISKCON society was a huge austerity, but the sense of commitment of all attending devotees to make the community a safe one for the children gave them forbearance to deal with it.
  • ISKCON Leader Tackles Pastoral Abuse Issue
    The Toronto resident reminds the GBC that inherent power differentials between ecclesiastic leaders and their subordinates means that such leaders must maintain appropriate boundaries.
  • Abuse of India's Boys is Rising

    Nov 20, DELHI, INDIA (BBC) — Sexual exploitation of boys as young as six is on the rise in India, researchers say. Abuse is becoming particularly more common in places of religious tourism, according to the study by non-governmental organisation Equations. Children interviewed said the abusers were foreign and domestic tourists, as well as local residents.

  • Jehovah's Witnesses Settle Sexual Abuse Cases

    "For once, we have the church stepping up to the plate and having to settle with these victims," said William H. Bowen, founder of, a support group that focuses on victims who claim to have been molested by Jehovah's Witnesses. "To me, it's a vindication for the abuse survivors."