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  • Bangladesh Global Kirtan Protest

    In an effort to bring international awareness and pressure on the Bangladesh government to take serious steps to protect religious minorities, ISKCON is teaming up with other Hindu groups across the globe to do kirtan protests. 

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Appeals to Protection in Bangladesh

    ISKCON Appeals for Protection of Minorities in Bangladesh

    Attacks on Hindu Temples and Communities Must Be Stopped

  • ISKCON Kolkata Candlelight Protest for Bangladesh

    On October 17th, 2021, ISKCON Kolkata organized a candlelight protest in response to the ongoing atrocities in Bangladesh and the destruction of the ISKCON Noakhali Bangladesh temple.

  • ISKCON Appeals for Protection of Minorities in Bangladesh Attacks on Hindu Temples and Communities Must Be Stopped

    The worldwide International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) community is shocked and saddened by the recent series of violent events directed against the Hindu minority in Bangladesh, including our own ISKCON temples and members.

  • ISKCON Official Report on Bangladesh Attacks

    On 13th October 2021, radical extremists began strategic, coordinated attacks on Hindu minorities in Bangladesh. The attacks continued until October 15th, 2021, with innumerable homes, shops, puja pandals, and temples being looted, burned, and destroyed. There are currently 6 to 10 fatalities reported in various media outlets, while many more people have sustained injuries or been hospitalized.

  • His Grace Partha Das, Killed at ISKCON Bangladesh

    It is with great sadness that we report to you the death of His Grace Partha das. 


  • Breaking News: ISKCON Noakhali Bangladesh Temple Attacked

    Today in the Noakhali District of Bangladesh, an ISKCON temple was attacked. We are currently awaiting an official statement from ISKCON Bangladesh regarding the incident.  Preliminary reports state 18 people were injured in the attack, and at least one person is in serious condition in the hospital. 

  • Kirtan Fest Global Conducts Kirtan Fest India and Bangladesh Online

    Kirtan Fest Global organized the Kirtan Fest India Online for ISKCON India from 10th May - 17th May, and was live streamed on Facebook. The event was so popular that the organizers extended from 7 days to 8 days for a total of 96 hours of Kirtan Fest India Online.

  • Five Men Arrested For Plan to Sabotage ISKCON Temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    The Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested five suspected members of the banned militant outfit Ansar al-Islam alias Ansarullah Bangla Team from Dhaka last night. The militants were planning to carry out an act of sabotage at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple in the capital.

  • Record Number of Devotees at Gaura Katha in Chattogram, Bangladesh

    Chatigram (Chattogram), Bangladesh, was blessed by the divine appearances of some of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabu's important eternal associates such as Sri Pundarika Vidyanidhi Thakur, Sri Basudev Dutta Thakur, Sri Mukunda Dutta Thakur, Sri Dhananjaya Pandit, and so many other great souls. 

  • ISKCON Bangladesh Holds ‘Narottama Purnima’ Festival for the First Time in Kheturi Dham

    According to Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabu left behind his Krishna-prema through Padmavati, the river Padma flowing by the side of Prematali, an auspicious holy place for the Vaishnavas.

  • 10,000 Students Participates at Bhaktivedanta Competition In Bangladesh

    As a part of celebrations going throughout the whole world to glorify the Golden Jubilee of the foundation of ISKCON, ISKCON Bangladesh has recently organized “Bhaktivedanta National Students’ Competition - 2016”. More than 10,000 students from different parts of the country took part in the program. The competition took nearly five months to complete, and it was held on four levels – zonal, district, divisional and finally on national level.

  • Bangladesh ISKCON Devotee Attacked by ISIS

    During the Bangladesh ISIS attack on a café frequently visited by foreigners, which is in the headlines of the world media, an ISKCON devotee was attacked in the district of Satkhira, 300 km from Dhaka, on the border of India. A devotee Bhavasindhu Dasa Adhikari had just finished his bath at the local center and was preparing for the Mangal Aarti at 4:15 am when the temple was stormed by three individuals bearing sharp weapons like machetes

  • Tulsi Gabbard Responds to ISKCON Bangladesh Attack

    Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii – the first Hindu congresswoman in America – has requested Marcia Bernicat, the U.S. Ambassador in Bangladesh, to visit an ISKCON temple there that recently withstood a terrorist attack. She also urged the ambassador to put pressure on the Bangladeshi government to prosecute the attackers.

  • Two Hurt in Bangladesh ISKCON Center Attack

    On December 10th, unidentified gunmen hurled a crude bomb inside a Namahatta center in Dinajpur, Bangladesh, where thousands of congregational members and guests have gathered from all over Northern Bangladesh. “Luckily, it did not explode,” said ISKCON general secretary of Bangladesh Caru Candra Dasa, “however, the attackers opened fire at the entrance, injuring two people.”

  • Only Local Criminals Behind Attack on Bangladesh Temple

    Gundas (thugs) attacked a temple at the sacred birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s associates Vasudeva Datta and Mukunda Datta in Chittagong, Bangladesh in the middle of the night on July 8th, brutally injuring the ISKCON devotees who were staying there. The attack is being erroneously reported by various anti-Muslim/rumor-based websites as both a Muslim and a terrorist attack.

  • Crowd Stones Dhaka ISKCON Temple During Ratha Yatra Event

    On the evening of June 30th, a Rath Yatra program was being held within the premises of ISKCON Dhaka, Bangladesh, when a group of people, believed to be local miscreants, began throwing stones over the boundary wall, into the temple. 

  • Fifty Thousand to Attend ISKCON Bangladesh Ratha Yatra
    As we enter Ratha Yatra season, ISKCON devotees in Bangladesh are preparing for one of ISKCON’s largest Ratha Yatras anywhere in the world. During the parade in Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka, over 50,000 people are expected to participate as the traditional three colorful chariots.
  • Ratha Yatra Festival of ISKCON Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Overwhelming crowds of people poured into the streets of Dhaka to participate in ISKCON’s Ratha Yatra festival here on 21st, Thursday. Police, and other city officials, estimated that around 60 thousands people joined Lord Jagannatha’s procession through the capital city of Bangladesh.
  • Statistics Don't Lie, Money Can't Buy Happiness
    What`s the happiest place in the world? According to a research led by the London School of Economics, the happiest place in the world is, would you believe?, Bangladesh.
  • Fifty Thousand Pull The Ratha in Dhaka, Bangladesh
    The city of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh witnessed an unprecedented turnout of devotees pouring in from all corners of the city and the country. Three chariots pulling Their Lordships by approximately a whopping fifty thousand devotees formed a huge procession that snaked its way through the main streets of Dhaka City.
  • ISKCON Bangladesh Holds Second “Hare Krishna Convention”
    Around eight hundred enthusiastic devotees gathered from all over Bangladesh on March 8th for the second annual Hare Krishna convention, held in the beautiful and peaceful rural setting of Rupa Sanatan Smrithi Tirtha, a holy place in the district of Jessore.
  • BhakTV Launches New ISKCON Film in Mayapur, India
    A new documentary film series by Vasudeva Dasa, entitled No Suffering on Safari: The Bangladesh Experience premiered this Oct 31st at Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Auditorium in ISKCON’s Mayapur complex.
  • ISKCON Bangladesh Attackers Local Thugs, Not Terrorists

    Last week, ISKCON News reported on a letter we had received from Chinmoydham Dasa of Chittagong in Bangladesh, detailing a May 14 attack on the ISKCON temple there. Readers and other websites immediately jumped on the word “terrorists” used in the report, assuming that the attackers were Islamic Jihadists. However, ISKCON News never stated this, and only included the word because no others were used to reference the attackers in Chinmoydham’s letter.

  • Terrorists Attack ISKCON Temple in Chittagong, Bangladesh

    An update to this story may be read here. On May 18, ISKCON News Weekly received a distraught message from an obviously emotional monk at ISKCON’s Nandankanan Sri Sri Gour Nitai Ashram in Chittagong, the main seaport of Bangladesh. On May 14 at 3pm, the devotee said, he and his peers were busy preparing for a weekend festival when fifty to sixty terrorists burst into the temple, brandishing knives and iron bars.