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  • Krishna Camp Returns to Burning Man in Memory of Nitai
    The mood was one of service and treasured memories, as a fifteen-person crew brought Krishna Camp and Krishna Kitchen back to the Nevada festival Burning Man this year for the first time since inspirational director Nitai Das’s passing.
  • ISKCON Devotees Bring Some Warmth to Frostburn 2008
    Feeling cold this winter? Just remember that there's always someone out there with more violently chattering teeth than yours. On the weekend of February 15 – 18, nine devotees from ISKCON's New Vrindavana Farm braved sub-zero temperatures to participate in Frostburn 2008, which is about as comfortable as it sounds.
  • Krishna Camp 'Burning Man' DVD Released

    The devotees of Krishna Camp at the Burning Man event in Black Rock create a thirty-foot-tall replica of the ancient temple of Lord Jagannatha at Puri, India, and conduct a unique Burning Man-style Rathayatra chariot procession in this new DVD release.