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  • Bhakti Subordinates Social Hierarchy to Spiritual Sincerity

    We live in an age that that cherishes equality for all and celebrates the breaking down of barriers such as race. Intriguingly, a similar egalitarian spirit is enshrined in the Bhagavad-gita written millennia ago.

  • Lord Jagannatha Preaches Equality
    A hidden jewel in Hindu culture and spirituality: a story of Lord Jagannatha, which may sound very surprising to Westerners, especially who had the experience of being denied entry to the famous Temple in Puri.
  • India Divided As Caste Census Begins
    To most Indian Hindus, caste - a complex hereditary social hierarchy that involves four main orders (varnas) and thousands of subcastes (jatis) - is the foundation of religious and social identity. But independent India has never asked its citizens with which caste they identify.
  • Hindu Advocacy Group Updates Landmark Report On Caste-Based Discrimination In India
    Hindu American Foundation has released a report about Hinduism's response to caste-based discrimination in India, with insights from some of the most prominent contemporary Hindu spiritual, community, and academic leaders.
  • Vedic Literature Says Caste by Birth is Unjust
    When it comes to the sensitive topic of Varnashrama, or what many people call the caste system of India, we have seen so many talks over this issue. We all know that the Vedic system of Varnashrama has been mentioned in the Vedic literature in many places. But it seems that many people still don’t understand how it was meant to be implemented.
  • Business Class Rises in Ashes of Caste System
    Chezi K. Ganesan looks every inch the high-tech entrepreneur, dressed in the Silicon Valley uniform of denim shirt and khaki trousers, slick smartphone close at hand. He splits his time between San Jose and this booming coastal metropolis, running his $6 million a year computer chip-making company.
  • Census Question Over Caste Identity Divides India
    India's census, being held in stages over the next year or so, delves into the wealth, living conditions and other personal details of the country's 1.2 billion people. But still undecided is one question — "What is your caste?"