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Articles tagged as Challenge

  • ISKCON India Supporter for UN's Ending Single-Plastic Challenge
  • A Yes to What’s Been Given

    Living in the material world can evoke a sense of pessimism. Yet unforeseen grace that arrives, beyond my plan-making or comprehension, exists as well.

  • The Self at War

    How do we embrace pain? How do we overcome what we fear most?

  • Whatever Doesn’t Challenge Us Doesn’t Change Us

    When we strive to grow by learning and living the Gita, we too will encounter challenges. If we balk and avoid the things that challenge us, we cut ourselves off from growth-inducing stimuli and stay stuck in the rut of worldly consciousness.

  • Course of Life

    Welcome to the material world, I thought! Without alarming anyone, be prepared that life has its way of rudely ejecting us from our comforts at any moment. Change is unstoppable, uncontrollable and unpredictable.

  • The Meaning of Challenge

    The deepest thinkers throughout history have pondered the challenge of meaning, especially when confronted with the mortality and fragility of human existence.

  • Digesting Life
    How should we react to life’s challenges? Sometimes we allow life’s challenges to overwhelm us. We become emotionally entangled and visibly frustrated. Not nice. On the other extreme, however, we may artificially erect a tough exterior and shut it all out. We resist the desire to react and opt to ignore.