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  • Why Helping Others Doesn’t Always Help Others

    One of the best ways to inspire people to take responsibility is to equip them with spiritual wisdom.

  • Devotees Comment on Research That Volunteering Makes Us Happier

    According to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau and other federal agencies, more than a third of U.S. adults have signs of clinical anxiety or depression. his hasn’t been helped by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has impacted people’s mental wellbeing as well as their physical health and led to feelings of stress and isolation.

  • Devotees Distribute Prasadam to 65,000 in Wake of Karnataka Flood

    Incessant rains pelted the South Indian state of Karnataka from late July until August 13th, causing widespread flooding, a death toll of 76, and damage to over 75,000 homes.

  • Krishna Food Relief Serves the Homeless Sandwiches, Socks and the Holy Name

    “One day on my way there, I saw an old lady eating out of a garbage can,” Jagai says. “That really disturbed me, and I could not stop thinking about her. The next weekend on Harinama, a devotee family showed up with leftover sack lunches they had been distributing to homeless people in their neighborhood.

  • Food For Life Hungary Feeds Thousands During Holiday Season

    “There are so many families in Hungary who are on the edge of homelessness,” says ISKCON Hungary spokesperson Gandharvika Prema Dasi. “They are in debt, have no jobs, and without external help they struggle to maintain their lives and may lose their homes.”

  • New Zealand Charity Plans to Provide 1.2 Million School Lunches Annually

    To feed 6000 kids every day for a school year of 40 weeks, the charity would produce 1.2 million meals annually.

  • Open Doors, Open Hearts

    Vrindavana has an open door policy. Just take a stroll around the village lanes and someone will invite you in for a meal somewhere. It’s a stark contrast to our modern world, which is closed up and shut tight.

  • ISKCON-London’s Food for Life Initiative Honored by the Queen of England

    Food for Life in London, an initiative from London’s Radha-Krishna Temple, has been feeding hot meals to the homeless for over 20 years, and in 2017 expanded its usual Monday to Thursday offering to include Fridays and Saturdays. Its incredible efforts were officially recognised in December 2017 when the chief organiser of the London-based service, Acyuta Charan dasa (Asish Soni), was honoured with a British Empire Medal (BEM) for voluntary and charitable services to homeless people.

  • ISKCON Food Relief Foundation to launch #ZeroHungerHaryana Campaign

    Concerned about India’s falling rank on the Global Hunger Index, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation’s Haryana chapter is to launch a campaign against hunger. Through this campaign, the foundation aims at eradicating hunger and malnutrition from India starting with the Haryana State.

  • Mexico City Devotees Feeding 2,500 Earthquake Victims A Day

    As natural disaster after natural disaster continues to pummel the Americas, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca on September 9th. This was followed quickly by a 7.1 quake on September 19th in Mexico City.

  • Transit Point

    Regardless the politicians' agenda or the prevailing public opinion, in democracy, everyone has the freedom to follow their OWN moral compasses. A short film about aid workers of different spiritual backrounds, who, despite the hostile public environment, provided help to hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing Hungary in 2015.

  • Food for Life Nepal - A Short film

    Food For Life Nepal a non profit organization actively working by feeding 1600+ plates of Nutritious Food daily in more that 5 Government Schools where 100% attendance of the students was noted. For More Information visit - or

  • Food for Life Hungary Lights Up the Holidays for Thousands of Under-privileged Families

    Although the program runs all year long, due to the cold weather and the holidays, the month of December means increased service and dedication for the volunteers of Food for Life Hungary. During the December holiday season, they distributed 10,000 plates of hot meal and 6,000 packages of dry food all across the country.

  • KIRTANIYAS - In Vrindavan feat. Sandipani Muni school

    “In Vrindavan” is a new Music Video and Single by the Kirtaniyas featuring children from Food for Life Vrindavan, an all girl’s charity school run on donation basis in Vrindavan, India.

  • Govardhan Seva

    A small team is making a big difference to holy places in India. Renovating holy sites, and feeding widows and children, this film was created to increase awareness of their efforts. A video by Prananath Das.

  • Shoes That Grow: Guy Invents Sandals That’ll Grow 5 Sizes In 5 Years To Help Millions Of Poor Children

    Sometimes, the simplest invention can change millions of lives.

  • Devotees Brave War-Torn Ukraine to Provide “Food For Life”

    A brave group of devotees have mounted a Food For Life effort and are preparing enough vegetarian food to distribute to 600 to 800 people every day in the war-ravaged city of Donetsk, South-East Ukraine. When Kishora Gopala Das, Yuthesvari Dasi and others at the ISKCON temple in Donetsk saw the situation escalate last year, they wanted to help citizens in affected areas.

  • ISKCON Hungary Celebrates Christmas With Massive Food Distribution

    During the month of December, ‘Food For Life Hungary’ ISKCON Hungary’s charity program has been distributing 30 tons of dry food (rice, flour, oil, pasta, canned vegetables) as well as 30,000 plates of hot meal to the needy all across the country. The ‘Christmas packages’ that the volunteers have been giving out in 12 locations and cities represent the only source of food for many families during the cold winter and the holiday season.

  • Closet Krishna: ISKCON London's Charity Shop
  • Maradona Among Stars in Interfaith Peace Soccer Match in Rome

    Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist players, including Israel's Tomer Hemed, take part in game endorsed by Pope.

  • Yes, Religion Can Still Be A Force For Good In The World

    Here are 100 examples of how faith-based groups are doing good in the world today. The list includes the Bhumi Project by the Oxford Center for Hindu Studies. 

  • ISKCON Hungary Sends Aid to the Flood Affected Bosnia

    On May 23rd, ISKCON Hungary has sent a group of volunteers to the flood affected Bosnia. Having served in several flood and other natural disaster affected areas, these volunteers are experienced humanitarian workers. Primarily, they will help in the Sarajevo area by cooking, serving, driving and taking care of the victims in many other ways.

  • ISKCON Food Relief in Flooded Serbia

    A shocking video about the flooded Obrenovac area (Serbia), and about ISKCON devotees' efforts to reach the people in need and help them with fresh drinking water and hot meal. 

  • Kirtan Shakti - The Album

    A musical charity program to help underprivileged girls in Vrindavan.

  • The Unsung Hero

    An inspiring video from Thailand.

  • ISKCON Hungary's Merry Charity "Krishmas”

    6,000 plates of hot meal and 32 tons of food packages, warm cloths and toys were distributed by Hungarian Krishna devotees over the Christmas holidays. Many political leaders, well-known public figures, sportsmen and artists joined them as volunteers in helping their efforts to care for underprivileged families.

  • World Charity Day Celebrated With Food Distribution

    Accepting a motion by the Republic of Hungary, the United Nations declared September 5th to be the International Day of Charity.

  • ISKCON Opens Charity Shop in London

    On the 31st May 2013, singer and song writer Pete Doherty visited Matchless Gifts, to open ISKCON’s first Charity Shop in London. The shop sells clothes, gifts and other items that people don't want anymore and donate to the shop.

  • India`s Education Department Awards Mid-day Meal Contract To ISKCON
    The education department has outsourced a contract to provide mid-day meals to primary government schools all over Gurgaon. An agreement has been signed between the Directorate of Elementary Education and ISKCON to provide meals to more than 90,000 students across the city.
  • 13 Year Old Leads Mumbai Marathon for Charity
    Gaurangi Desai, 13, who raised Rs3.63 lakh for Iskcon Food Relief Foundation, emerged as the youngest fundraiser, while the highest fundraisers were finance professional Mihir Doshi and author Shobhaa De, who both raised more than Rs25 lakh for Childline India Foundation. De was the highest fundraiser among women.
  • Camden Council Accused of Targeting Hare Krishna Charity

    Parking wardens have been accused of waging a campaign against homeless people after claims that a van that gives food handouts was ticketed for the fifth time in two months.

  • Third School for Underprivileged Children Opens in Vrindavana
    A third Sandipani Muni School will open in Kikinagla Village on October 23rd, to provide free education for poor children in Lord Krishna’s birthplace.
  • Fund Raising By Walking With the Cows
    The Lotus Trust, the welfare arm of Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK raised thousands for local charities, including the Great Ormond Street Hospital during a Charity Walk on Sunday 18th July. This year’s Walk was themed ‘walking with the cows’ as there were over fifty walkers dressed as cows.
  • “The Water Took Everything”: Hungarian Devotees Help In The Flooded Area
    Since the beginning of June, unusual flooding has been causing major problems in Northeastern Hungary. The members of the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness have been distributing a thousand plates daily of free food in the flooded area.
  • The Gita on Skid Row

    “My first experience spending time on Skid Row was in 1972 when I stood on street corners chanting Hare Krishna,” Nrsimhananda says. “We used to visit the area once a week and distribute prasadam (spiritual food) to the “less fortunate.” We were outsiders, and so were they. We opted out of the 9-5 rat race; so had they. We slept on the floor; they were asleep on the sidewalk. We liked to get high on chanting the names of God; they had their drug of choice.