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  • “Hare Krishna Explosion” in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Gives Rise to $10 Million Temple

    A Hare Krishna Explosion is happening in Columbus, Ohio. That’s according to ISKCON Columbus temple council member Prem Vilas Das (Dr. Piyush Gupta), who says that many new families are joining, there are six bhakti vriksha groups in the city, and more full-time devotees are moving into the temple.

  • Construction Drawings Begin For Major New Columbus Temple

    “In April 2020, we will break ground and start construction,” says ISKCON Columbus temple council member Premvilas Das. “By May 2021 we will begin getting the building ready for the Deities. And in July we hope to actually move the Deities into the temple. Finally the grand opening will be on Janmastami 2021.”