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  • Conflict-Resolution and the Gita

    Mature spiritual understanding is not relinquishing responsibility, but assuming responsibility with wisdom. 

  • Without Attachment

    Beneath all apparent differences of race, nationality, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, everything that lives is a spark of that Supreme Being. Are we not, then, all family?

  • Why Couldn’t the Pandavas Resolve their Conflict Peacefully?

    Not all conflicts are caused by misunderstandings alone; many are caused by malevolence.

  • People Problems

    Conflict, friction and human disagreement is, unfortunately, a major part of daily life. Whether it’s the erratic driver who cuts in front of you, or crafty and cunning work colleagues pulling a fast one, unsavoury interactions can spoil our day really quickly.

  • ISKCON Calls for Respect and Cooperation Among Hindu Communities

    Lately, in India there has been an ongoing war of words between the Shankaracharya and the followers of Sai Baba. Now there is a threat that the conflict will escalate and apart from the court cases, it will spill over into a physical fights. ISKCON Communications Minister Anuttama Dasa and Communications Delhi representative Yudhisthir Govinda Dasa have released an official statement addressing the situation.

  • ISKCON Devotees Flee War Affected Eastern Ukraine

    Over the past weeks, the international media has been reporting about an escalating political situation in Ukraine, which is now close to a civil war. The government has launched a massive military offensive on the insurgent-controlled parts of Eastern Ukraine, using heavy weaponry, aviation, and troops to subdue their resistance. Many ISKCON centers and hundreds of devotees are also seriously affected by the conflict.

  • Conflict Resolution
    Communal living with thirty monks isn’t easy. We may dress in a uniform way and don the same haircut, but you probably couldn’t find a more diverse group of people living in such close quarters.
  • Devotees Learn How to Deal with Conflict at ISKCONResolve Training
    Eleven devotees, including four disciples of Srila Prabhupada, attended an ombudsman training event hosted by ISKCONResolve at Boston’s ISKCON temple this September 10th to 12th.