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  • Constitutional Freedoms and Defining Religion

    An ongoing court case on the constitutionality of a yoga program in Encinitas, Calif., USA schools resumed today. Beyond the specific legal issues, this case, along with others that focus on the freedom of and from religion, illustrates the strategic application of the term "religion."

  • Krishna Lunch, The ISKCON Constitution and the Apostrophe
    You don’t have to read Stillson Judah’s 1974 study, “Hare Krishna and the Counter Culture,” cover to cover to have some idea of the place in American society occupied by the Hare Krishnas in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Hare Krishna Movement was then self-promoted as, “The Positive Alternative.” An alternative to the drug culture prominent among the young, yes, and perhaps an even more far out alternative to the mainstream world of their parents.