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Articles tagged as Consumerism

  • Head Space

    It’s great to connect with people hundreds of miles away, as long as we don’t forget to say hello to our neighbors. It’s nice to know what’s happening in every corner of the world, but let’s not forget to make a positive impact in our immediate circle of friends, family and community.

  • Consumerism From a Yoga Perspective

    Why are people caught up in consumerism? Devamrita Swami, an internationally travelling monk, teacher and author explains what yoga psychology has to say on this hot topic. Special thanks to Julian Coutada for making the intro animation. Filmed and produced by Bhakti Lounge, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • The Beast Rises
    In the aftermath of last month’s riots opinions were divided as to their cause. “Existing criminals on the rampage,” pronounced Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke, while, in a display of party disunity, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith declared the problem to be “selfish bankers and MP’s ignoring the plight of the poor.”
  • Religious Principles Could Save Americans Money
    While Americans are still reeling from the nearly one trillion dollars which Congress gave to bail out shady bankers and investment firms on Wall Street, and "Joe the plumber" frets about how to afford essentials like home mortgages and food on the table, we are simultaneously throwing our money away for morally questionable, even reprehensible nonessentials to which--according to traditional religious or spiritual values--it shouldn't go.