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Articles tagged as Criticism

  • How To Hold Others Accountable Without Becoming Judgmental

    Though we need to make judgments when holding people accountable, we needn’t become judgmental.

  • Praising by Criticizing – The Paradoxical Ways of Expressing Love

    Mysterious are the ways of divine love. 

  • Constructive Response to Destructive Criticism

    When we try to do anything worthwhile, some people will criticize us. Critics can help us recognize where our contribution needs improvement. But to be helpful, their criticism needs to be constructive, not destructive.

  • Criticized? – Clarify, Counter, or Ignore?

    In life, few things are as hurting as criticism. Even more excruciating is unwarranted criticism, that is, criticism based on misunderstandings or untruths. We tend to respond to such criticism in one of three broad ways.

  • Solving Problems: Treating the Root First -- by Radhanath Swami
  • Acid Test

    Periodically, we'll all be confronted with situations where people are oblivious to our sacrifices, unappreciative of our endeavours, and seemingly unimpressed with our contributions. People may even misunderstand our purpose and cuttingly criticise us.

  • i-Gnore

    Good advice is easy to give but hard to take. As soon as we’re offered those words of wisdom, the defence systems kick in and the mind reels off a thousand justifications.

  • Why Do We Criticize Others
    Our original nature, the pure self, uncontaminated by material energy, is free from the propensity to criticize or find fault with others. What causes faultfinding then?
  • Cancer of the Mind
    Last year cancer claimed 7.6 million lives, and now accounts for 13% of all deaths worldwide. The Bhagavad-gita explains that we may be suffering from another type of cancer. It’s a type of cancer that cannot be detected through medical tests, and cannot be treated by conventional means.