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Articles tagged as Damodarashtaka

  • Sri Damodarastakam Ceremony in Mayapur

    Kirtan led by Narahari Nityananda dasa.

  • Meditating on the Damodarashtakam: Verses 5-8

    "The Lord, being the performer of unlimited pastimes, is the reservoir of unlimited ecstasy. In loving him, our heart’s deepest longings for happiness will be perennially and perfectly fulfilled."

  • Meditating on the Damodarashtakam: Verse 3 & 4

    God is both great and sweet. Awareness of his greatness evokes submission, and awareness of his sweetness evokes affection. Devotee-seekers need to be aware of both features, for submission and affection symbiotically reinforce devotion.

  • Meditating on the Damodarashtakam: Verse 1 & 2

    Prayer is the universal language by which the human heart communes with the divine heart. Poetry is an artistic method for verbalizing the heart’s deep emotions. Singing is a popular method to express one’s emotions.

  • Sri Damodarashtakam

    The beautiful Damodarastakam prayers are traditionally sung during the auspicious month of Kartik. The month of Kartik is also known as Damodara. Damodara is a name of Krishna which refers to His childhood pastimes of getting into trouble and being bound by his mother.

  • Damodarastaka by Shabda Hari Das

    Damodarastaka, is a beautiful prayer that is sung everyday during the month of Karthika (Oct-Nov). It is accompanied by lighting and offering lamps to the Lord. These 8 verses describe the unique pastimes of Lord Damodara.